Chagall-Malevich (Russia, 2014)

Director: A. Mitta
Director of photography: S. Machilsky
ShiM-Film productions


Short Film (LA, USA)

Produced by Sergei Bodrov


Music Videos

Kristi Schneidermann’s NEW Music Video

Composer: Kristina Schneidermann
Lyrics: Kristina Schneidermann
Cameraman: Kirill KlepaLove
Music Video director: Kirill Ivanov
Actress: Kristina Schneidermann
Singer: Kristina Schneidermann


Kristi Schneidermann’s Interview

Kristina Schneidermann answers all tricky questions and talks of her main role in a fantastic new Feature Film…

Showreel Kristina Schneidermann

Here’s an interview with the young actress and singer Kristina Schneidermann in London, where she spoke about difficulties, funny moments, scary things…

Kristina Schneidrmann and Aleksandr Mitta at the Auto-radio in a morning show “Murzilki live”

Public Appearances


Kristina Schneidermann at the Cinema Village New York making an announcement to Chagall-Malevich film audience (June 2015).

“Hi! I’m Kristi Schneidermann. I’m the main actress of the film Chagall-Malevich. It’s been shown here in New York city at 7:30 PM in the Cinema Village. I hope our audience enjoys the show and after the show I’m gonna do a Q&A where everyone can pose any questions they like. So, have fun!”

Kristii sings at her Solo Live Concert in Tel Aviv, Israel May 2015

Just a little bit of your heart – Ariana Grande (cover by Kristii)


Adam Lambert – Outlaws of Love (Cover Song by Kristii)


Kristii – I can´t live without you